Harmonie d'Aix-en-Provence


Looking for a band ? Here we are !

Each year, we are happy to welcome some foreign students. They are not only happy to play with us, but also can speak with "real France" people (not only students) and have a look at "french way of life" by participating to our social events.

Join us now ! To reach us, have a look at our contact page !

DE : Kommen Sie mit uns zu spielen !
EN : Come play with us !
EO : Venu ludi kun ni !
ES : Venga a tocar la música con nosotros !
FR : Venez jouer avec nous !
IT : Venite a giocare con noi !
JP : ようこそ 私たちと吹きに来て! (yôkoso watashitachi to fuki ni kite !)
NL : Kom, en speel met ons mee !

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